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Looking for a professional pool cleaning company to get rid of the algae and metal stains in your pool? Look no further than Clean & Clear Pools, LLC. We'll treat your pool and turn the water back to the way you want it - crystal clear, balanced and safe. Contact us today!

Incredible Algae Removal Services

There's no reason to let your pool succumb to an algae bloom in Florida's humid climate when you can turn to us for weekly pool maintenance. Our professionals can take a pool that's dark green, brown or even black, and clean the water so it's safe for swimming again - without the additional expense of refilling the pool. 

Turning off your pump and not treating the water with chemicals during the winter months to save money actually does the opposite as algae will take over in no time. Call us immediately for complete pool cleanup service. We'll neutralize and vacuum the algae out of the pool, and thoroughly brush the walls and clean the equipment.

There's no need to panic or stress about algae when we're ready and availableto get your pool cleaned and returned to top-notch condition!

Top-of-the-Line Stain Treatments

Natural metal content in the water can stain the finish on your pool's walls and floor. Algae can be cleaned off by brushing off, but a stain created by metals cannot.

If you see brown or black colored stains you can't get rid of, rely on Clean & Clear Pools, LLC to address the problem. We'll assess the pool and start treatment based on the issues we find. Our experts will use chemicals and brushing to remove the stain to the best of our ability. 

Don't hesitate to treat even simple stains because the earlier they're recognized, the easier they are to remove. Stains that have been on your walls there for a long time may not be able to be completely removed - but we can lighten them!

Please note it's best to schedule the stain treatments during the winter months for the best results. Call us today!
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