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Comprehensive Pool Cleaning Service Options

Pool owners should maintain their pools on a weekly basis because of the warm Florida climate. The heat and humidity in the region don't allow the water to be untreated for more than a week. Depend on Clean & Clear Pools, LLC to maintain balanced water chemistry to ensure your water is safe, clean and crystal clear so your family can enjoy uninterrupted fun!

We have various levels of service for your convenience including weekly service and one-time service.

Weekly Service

What we do:
  • Test water for pool chemistry: Our 5-point basic water test includes free and total chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and stabilizer.  Our balanced chemical formula will keep your pool clean, crystal clear and safe.
  • Clean filter: A blocked or dirty filter can build up back pressure leading to cracks in equipment and poor circulation, which can cause algae buildup and other problems. Regular filter cleaning can prevent these problems.
  • Ensure pump basket and skimmer basket are clear of debris: This improves the functionality of the pump. A clogged pump prevents water from getting into the pump, which can cause burn out, leading to motor or total pump replacement. 
  • Skim the top of the water and vacuum the bottom: This ensures debris inside the pool is cleared, ensuring proper water chemistry. 
  • Brush your walls: Brushing keeps the walls in good condition and prolongs the life of the finish.
  • Brush the tile at the water line: Brushing prevents calcium buildup and keeps your pool looking pretty.

One-Time Service

We replace your pump and filter, perform stain treatment, and correct noisy motors. This professional one-time cleanup service can keep your pool equipment functioning effectively for a long time. We highly recommend this process.

Going away for a week or longer?  Let us babysit your pool while you’re out of town with first-rate, one-time maintenance services:
  • Ensure the required water level is maintained (some restrictions may apply) so your pump functions properly
  • Ensure chemicals are added so your pool water remains clean, clear and safe

Full-Service Options

We offer multiple swimming pool cleaning and maintenance options with our complete full-service package. Click here to learn more about our superior pool care package.
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